Click here for more information about the Building Blocks curriculum,. Blocks-Real Math PreK, includes a complete stand-alone PreK math curriculum. In addition, PreK-grade 6 Building Blocks software will be available either as supplements to existing programs or as part of the complete Real Math program.Click here for more information or go to "Curriculum" to see more contact and sales information.

TRIAD includes a Pre-K mathematics curriculum, Building Blocks, that:
• helps teachers find the mathematics in and develop the mathematics from children's activity
• is effective in a wide variety of socio-cultural settings
• includes print materials, manipulatives, software, and more

Teachers Edition


The Teachers' Editions follow a weekly format, to allow teachers to fit the curriculum into their weekly themes.

Learning Trajectories form the core of the curriculum. The print materials explain children's development along the trajectories and the instructional activities that are included to move the children through developmental levels to meet learning goals.

A weekly planner allows teachers to see all the week’s activities on one page.

Activities are designated as whole group or work time (learning centers and small group work with the teacher).


Following the weekly planner, the text describes each day's activities in detail.

Activities include short whole group, small group, hands-on centers, and software centers.

The end of the week wrap up helps teachers continually use learning trajectories to teach, assess, and differentiate instruction.


Software Activities


The activities for students are fun, motivating learning environments targeting critical learning goals.

At the Pre-K level, students are assigned one or two activities per week to be done during “center time”.

“Build Stairs” is an activity that helps children sequence quantities, compare heights, and fill in the next element of the n+1 pattern. Children see it as helping the mouse get to the table to have a snack.


Number Snapshots” is an activity that helps children develop their ability to subitize (instantly recognize) quantities and build mental representations of those quantities. Children see it as playing snapshots. They have only a few seconds to see the digital image before they have to click on the film strip to the left (or click on the peek button for another look).


Beyond Counting

Building Blocks devotes time to developing children's geometric thinking, spatial skills, measurement, understanding of patterns and more. Both national and local standards state that mathematics curricula should include these topics as complements to number.


Children match shapes and eventually fill in an outline of a picture. Each time they click on the matching shape, they hear the name of the shape as the shape flies into place

After the picture is completed, the background is filled in and the picture animates before the next picture begins. When children have completed their assigned activities, they may choose to work in a free explore environment. Children create their own mystery pictures and let other children “fill them.




Building Blocks software allows teachers to assign activities based on the weekly curriculum,


assign different activities to individual students to better differentiate instruction,


allow the management system to assign activities based on previous performance.


Teachers can easily see how the software activities correlate with the classroom activities and how both will meet instructional goals.

Reports for a whole class or individual students are available at any time. These reports can be as detailed as allowing a teacher to see an individual student’s responses to individual questions. The software notifies teachers if there are potential problems.